• Heavy Ball that does great at catching heavy pokemon.

    Elm's Lab has an upstairs level, where the professor and his family live, his old house being occupied by Kotone/Hibiki and her/his family.

    New Moon Ball which catches pokemon that evolve with a moon stone.
  • Maps have been remade to match the design style used in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
  • The Battle Tower west of Olivine City, introduced in Pokémon Crystal, returns, bringing with it the Battle Frontier introduced in Platinum.
  • Two new routes, Route 47 and Route 48, are introduced near Cianwood City. They lead to a new Safari Zone.

    Johto's Pokédex has been redesigned.
  • Mt. Silver is much bigger and Viridian Forest is not cut down.
  • Cerulean Cave and the Seafoam Islands remain as they were in Generation III (though Blaine still takes part of the Seafoam Islands), allowing the legendary Pokémon that live inside them to be battled.

    The PokéGear has been redesigned. There are a range of skins that can be used and changed at the player's will.

    Moltres, formerly found in Victory Road and Mt. Ember, can be found in Mt. Silver.
  • The Fighting Dojo in Saffron City takes a role similar to Sinnoh's Battleground.

    The Magnet Train's tracks can be seen overground in locations such as Route 32.


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