Neko! 05/31/2009

Q. What’s it like being the first to be interviewed?
A. Pretty good!

Q. How do you feel about Pokémon?
A. Well, I really like it. It is very interesting. It is based on animals with cool powers. The story line can get weird, but I enjoy watching it.

Q. Who is your favorite character?
A. Um… I like them all; especially Gym leaders, but I would say the 8th leader from Sinnoh. He’s not predictable which is a quality I like.
Q. Do you play the games? How many and  which ones?
A. Yes and I’ve played all of them. They all had something that I liked, but I love Platinum and Chrystal. I even plan on get SoulSilver!

Q. What Pokémon is your favorite and why?

A. That’s a toughie… I would have to say Glacion. I really like how it looks beautiful but still kicks butt!

Q. Would you rather be a trainer or your favorite Pokémon? Why?

A. Well, I would enjoy being a Pokémon because you could live in cool places and do amazing moves. Yet as a trainer you can catch poke-friends and travel around. I think I would have the most fun as a Glacion.

Q. Final Question, would you recommend Pokémon and Pokémon fan sites to others?

A. Yeah, I would spread the love of Pokémon. I think people who think Pokémon is childish and dumb would actually really like it.


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