Snover is the topic since his appearence reminds me of the holidays. I also believe Snover really isn't covered often by some site and shows so I try to help pokemon in that same cenario.

Cheers to you Snover and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!
Merry Christmas




This month is all about Arceus. The new movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life is to air in the United States this month as well. Arceus is more of a mystery topic than a discussion you talk about everyday. Arceus is believed to be the origin of the pokemon universe. I think if you watch the movie, the truth will be revield.

This month it's all about Platinum for the Nintendo DS. It is the third part of the Sinnoh series. It has some old features, like the towns and pokemon, but also has some new things, like Giritina and Shaymin, the Reverse World, the Battle Frontier, and more. It is scheduled to be released March 22 in the US.