Snover is the topic since his appearence reminds me of the holidays. I also believe Snover really isn't covered often by some site and shows so I try to help pokemon in that same cenario.

Cheers to you Snover and HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYBODY!
Merry Christmas




This month is all about Arceus. The new movie Arceus and the Jewel of Life is to air in the United States this month as well. Arceus is more of a mystery topic than a discussion you talk about everyday. Arceus is believed to be the origin of the pokemon universe. I think if you watch the movie, the truth will be revield.
Well with the six month anniversary trailing in the past, we look to the future: Heartgold & Soulsilver, new episodes, and much much more. But let's slow down and conclude the evolution trio of Pikachu, which ends with Raichu! Raichu is sometimes a bit of a forgotten pokemon due mostly to the fact that its pre-evolved form is the star. With that said, I felt the need to include Raichu and spread the goodness and popularity of Raichu to the pokemon world!
This is a very great month for pokeluvers.weebly.com! On August 21st of this year, we will celebrate our 6 month anniversary! And here to help with the celebration is Pikachu, the 25th pokemon in the national pokedex, starter pokemon of Ash, and a fan favorite. May these days continue to prosper as we look to the future of Pokeluvers!





Pokeluvers has seen an extreme amount of changes since it started in February of this year, and since its six month anniversary is coming up, I saw it fitting to do a generation thing. So for this month's topic, I chose Pichu. As the pre-evolved form of Pikachu, it is a pokemon sure to be a hit in the new games HeartGold and SoulSilver, which are to release this fall. Pichu is probably most recognized by the ever so famous Pichu Brothers, a pair of troublesome little Pichu. These two have a little issue with their attacks and are not very strong, but together they have big dreams. They have been seen in some of the Pokemon Movies, but for know though, they are waiting to meet up again with their friend, Pikachu.