This months topic is games. Pokemon Inc. has created tons of games world wide from Red and Blue, to Platinum, to Heartgold and Soulsilver! There is talk of anew Wii game now and there are numerous games releasing and soon to be release lately. Don't forget about the Game Updates section for info about all of the new games soon to be released.

Are you ready... for the newest... most exciting-est... greatest thing to ever hit the Nintendo DS...? Well I don't know about you, but I think I am exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. Nintendo has revealed that a new, DS, version of the GameBoy games Gold and Silver are to release within 12 monthes. Not much is known about the games yet but if they are anything like how Fire Red and Leaf Green where to Blue and Red, then I think they are going to be amazing games! Click image for a link to youtube videos about the games.

HeartGold & SoulSilver Logos

May 2009


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Some of you may know a thing or two about Rotom. You may know that it is the Topic of the Month for May. You may also know that Rotom is featured in a new episode that is to premier in May. What you might not know is that it changes form and that you change it with the Secret Key. Toys-R-Us was offering it but it probably has ended by now, but fear not! Sooner or later, some nerd (no offence) will invent a cheat for it. If you happened to be that nerd, or now of another way to get it, feel free to post it in the Forum


With the new game Pokemon: Platinum out, April promises to be a great month. Not only is Platinum out, but so is Giratina & the Sky Warrior. This features Giratina, of course, and Shaymin, the Gratitude Pokemon. Shaymin is unique in that it has two forms, both reveiled in the movie.

Speaking of shaymin, another site has posted:

On April 1st, Nintendo relaesed information about a glitch. In an exclusive press release early that morning, Nintendo announced that while testing Pokemon Platinum they had, in fact, discovered a glitch in which one could obtain a level 100 Shaymin through a few simple tests. Instead of getting rid of it, NoA decided to keep it as an Easter Egg.The steps, they say, are simple:

1. Pick Chimchar as your starter

2. Give your Chimchar or its evolutions a potion to hold

3. Follow the same process to get Spiritomb, except meet 50 people Underground

4. A level 100 Shaymin will appear instead of a Spiritomb

~from Pokemon Dream


This month it's all about Platinum for the Nintendo DS. It is the third part of the Sinnoh series. It has some old features, like the towns and pokemon, but also has some new things, like Giritina and Shaymin, the Reverse World, the Battle Frontier, and more. It is scheduled to be released March 22 in the US.